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We are a new company just getting started selling E-Bikes, and we are constantly learning and improving as we go on. We focus on innovation, customization, and availability and want to make it so people of all ages and sizes are able to have an enjoyable experience on an E-Bike.

Black Max Electric Bikes strives for quality products and service for the most affordable cost! We work our hardest to get what is in the best interest for our customers, such as our wide selection of bikes and the colors they come in.

We don't want to sell you an unfinished product, so our bikes come with the necessary components attached that other bike companies will try and sell you separately as "luxury items". These other companies try to trick you into thinking they are the greatest price, but after buying all of the necessary attachments separately, you will find yourself overspending and wasting your time attaching these items yourself so that they don't have to.

Why spend more money and do more work when you could be riding your new bike?!
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