The Typical Advantages of Rubber Tracks Over Wheels

Jan 28, 2022

The Typical Advantages of Rubber Tracks Over Wheels

Typically, you have two options when it comes to heavy utility vehicles. You can choose from tires or tracks. Tracks glide much easier over different types of terrain while tires are easier to maintain. However, the typical advantages of rubber tracks over wheels outweighs the disadvantages. Find out why tracks are worth the investment.

Less Ground Pressure

Since track loaders distribute their weight over a wider surface area, they don’t press into the ground as easily as tires. This makes track loaders better suited for soft surfaces, including snow because they won’t sink. Further, a tracked vehicle is better for rough or uneven terrain due to its complicated suspension system.

Decrease Land Disturbance

Tires leave tracks while tracks leave indents at worse. Since the weight of a track loader is evened out over its tracks, it’s less likely to disturb the ground. In fact, they may help you smooth out surfaces. This is especially necessary for landscaping work, so you don’t ruin the lawn.

Better Traction

Especially if you need to drive over slippery surfaces, a track loader will fare better. Though tires are useful in some terrains, tracks can handle them all.

More Power

Track loaders are high-performance vehicles. They have a higher capacity for delivering powerful operations due to the optimized traction system. Further, tracks can be more durable than wheels.

Support Heavy Loads

Tracked vehicles can support larger and heavier loads than wheels. Since the weight of the vehicle is equally distributed over the tracks, it’s more stable and secure. Track loaders are especially necessary for construction sites where you may need to carry and lift heavy materials.

The typical advantages of rubber tracks over wheels are obvious in most cases. Though they cost more and require more maintenance, it’s worth it to own a multipurpose utility vehicle. When you need to repair your tracks, find rubber track suppliers in your area. Visit Kitsap Tractor & Equipment for track loader accessories.

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